Nos playlists pour vous changer les idées

Published on 17 April 2020

Our playlists to make your soul sing

From pop to classical music, jazz, electro or world music, here are the first Orange playlists specially designed to soothe your soul and put you in a great mood.


Music has always had a special place in our heart. We pay particular attention to the promotional films, the music we play in our stores (France, Belgium), the festivals we partner with (Poland, Romania) and the musical programming supporting our events.

Since 2013, we have developed a specific sound and musical identity which now extends across the entire Group. Music represents a brand’s tone, mood, and ultimately its personality. Indeed Emmanuel Kant famously quoted: “music is the language of emotions”.

For this reason, as we exit the lockdown, which has been a difficult time for so many, we’ve put together some tailor-made playlists to lift your mood. After all, every day’s a party at Orange.


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