La 5G gagne du terrain, jusque dans les usages B2B

Published on 20 October 2021

5G is gaining ground and benefiting businesses

Orange is continuing to roll out 5G networks in Europe, supporting large industrial and economic zones such as the port of Le Havre and enabling new uses.


With Orange’s 5G footprint now extending to six European countries – France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Belgium, and Luxembourg – the Group has also made this new mobile technology available to businesses operating in the Le Havre port area.


More competitive, more efficient

By offering speeds of up to four times faster than 4G and a host of new uses, 5G helps to drive competitiveness, agility, and attractiveness for the Le Havre industrial zone. Using this new network, organizations benefit from real-time data, connected robotics, augmented reality maintenance solutions and remote operations.