Published on 04 June 2021

And the winners of the 2021 VivaTech Challenges are…

VivaTech, Europe’s biggest start-up and tech event, is back – an unmissable opportunity for entrepreneurs to compare their ideas and gain inspiration for their business.

Every year, VivaTech organizes Open Innovation Challenges to encourage cooperation between start-ups and companies. Winners are invited to take part in the VivaTech event, which represents a great opportunity for them to expand their network and forge new partnerships.
For the 2021 session, Orange got innovative and dynamic companies thinking about two main themes: the first concerning 5G, artificial intelligence and data, and the second concerning corporate social responsibility, the environment and digital inclusion.


MetaVRse aims to provide as many people as possible with access to 3D and XR (extended reality) experiences. The start-up has created a platform that can be accessed via a mobile, tablet or PC to make it easier to produce and share interactive 3D experiences. With just a few basic coding skills, it is possible to create a virtual online showroom, to present a product or give training.

My Digital Buildings produces digital models of existing buildings. A scanner equipped with sensors collects all the information on site in order to create the building’s digital twin, which can then be used to organize virtual site visits or to simulate a work project in a factory..

Breeze Technologies is the leading specialist in air quality sensors, data and analytics. The Breeze Environmental Intelligence Cloud provides real-time analysis of urban air quality data. The start-up uses open source FIWARE solutions powered by AI to help cities and businesses design more efficient clean air action plans.

VR Learning is an enhanced platform for hosting training and meetings via multiplayer mode. The start-up has completed more than 20 projects for companies in a variety of sectors such as telecommunications, construction, energy, automotive, education and even medicine.

Moneythor is a fintech company that offers enhanced digital banking services to its customers. It helped Orange Bank design a service to manage the carbon footprint of customer transactions.

Xscalibur offers a visual, clear and ergonomic interface to design and manage all your cloud services in real time while taking your energy consumption into account to help you make more eco-friendly choices.

Congratulations to all the winners!