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Published on 27 September 2021

#FemmesEntrepreneuses: new and improved for Season 4

Orange’s #FemmesEntrepreneuses program is unique in France. Its objective: to encourage and support female entrepreneurship. For Season 4, Orange is supporting 100 start-ups in all regions of mainland France and overseas. Tailored to the needs of each participant, Orange uses its expertise and capabilities to provide collective and personalized support, activities, and help with pitches and fundraising. Here’s more.


#FemmesEntrepreneuses: personalized support

The program offers multiple elements to adapt the support for each start-up owner:

  • Hosting
    Women entrepreneurs can work in connected Orange spaces near to where they live 
  • One-off coaching
    An Orange expert is on hand to resolve a specific problem or move the project forward to the next step
  • Sharing and discussions
    Participants can practice their pitch for presenting their solution or concept or for raising funds, and networking is also encouraged on social networks through a closed LinkedIn group and forums on Facebook and Twitter
  • Testing the offerTesting the offer “live” with target customers, in the same way as we offer Start-up Days each year to new business owners in Orange stores 


#FemmesEntrepreneuses: local support

Once selected, start-up founders fully benefit from Orange’s local capabilities and network. They can access dedicated mentors, participate in local meetings or events, and meet our Orange regional managers.

The program also offers targeted training dedicated to new businesses. These personalized workshops allow founders to improve their managerial skills, develop technological knowledge (for example around artificial intelligence and data, cybersecurity, etc.) and draw on useful expertise.


#FemmesEntrepreneuses: the power of national and international leadership

The program is enriched further by the opportunity to meet and network – at the beginning and end but also monthly meetings where start-up founders can meet business angels or work on their personal branding.

The program is unique thanks to our committed Orange teams on the ground and also invitations to some of the events we partner such as Change Now and Viva Technology. #FemmesEntrepreneuses can also meet members of our Orange France leadership team who are committed to encouraging female entrepreneurship.


#FemmesEntrepreneuses: registration closes 30 November 2021 

Over the years, this support program has become a real community for start-up founders. Today more than 320 alumni have benefited from our support.

To take part in Season 4, which will launch in January 2022, businesswomen and start-up founders can register and contact their #FemmesEntrepreneuses regional representative.