Ukrainian frontier Orange booth

Published on 11 May 2022

Solidarity with Ukrainians: Orange continues its support

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, teams across the Orange group have deployed numerous resources to support Ukrainians. Here’s a round-up of our ongoing solidarity initiatives.


Our actions in France: call for donations and aid

 In France, a massive appeal for donations to the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) was sent out by SMS to more than 4 million Orange and Sosh customers using a special short number (92303) created by Orange France for the occasion and hosted on the portal. To donate quickly and securely, customers can send a free SMS to the number with the word “DON”. An amount of €5, with a tax receipt available on request, is debited from their next bill.

Orange France has joined Orange Poland and Orange Slovakia in adding “Ukraine 24” into its Orange TV service so that Ukrainian refugees can access the latest news in their native tongue. “Ukraine 24” is available on Orange TV channel 247 within the International News section. Orange Moldova and Orange Spain are broadcasting the 1+1 International channel.

New collaborative initiatives are also underway, for example our Group’s supply chain team, Orange Business Services and Orange Slovakia are working together to ship 18 pallets of PPE (masks, antibacterial gel, medical aprons etc.) as well as recycled computer equipment (routers, SIMs, tablets etc.) to help refugees arriving at Zilina in Slovakia.

Our actions in Belgium: donating equipment

Orange Belgium sent more than 1,000 mobile batteries and chargers to Orange Poland in mid-April to help displaced populations stay connected – an essential requirement. Throughout April, any device collected in-store through the RE program will go to Ukrainian families to keep in touch with their loved ones.


Our actions in Poland: combatting fake news and offering personalized assistance

When the war started, Polish social media was flooded with fake news aimed at undermining the Ukrainian aid effort. In response, the Orange Foundation in Poland hosted a webinar about misinformation for employees and published a guide on its website offering tips to protect against fake news (in Polish). To date, Poland has welcomed 331 refugees into its various sites including the Serock training center. A dozen Ukrainians are also helping out in customer service roles. Finally, the €1 million emergency fund allocated to the Orange Foundation continues to be distributed in consultation with our various Foundations bordering the conflict. So far €250,000 has been allocated to fund three projects in Poland, notably a hotline for Ukrainian children and young people, and emergency Polish lessons.


Our actions in Romania: support for young Ukrainian children and recruitment

In Romania, €135,000 has been allocated to fund five projects including food aid, helping young refugees access online entertainment and education, and solutions to support refugees with hearing impairments. Recruitment is also underway for Ukrainian speakers for positions in stores or in IT services.