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Privacy Statement for optional services offered on Orange Collaborative

 In the context of the use of certain optional services (e.g. FORMS), personal data is processed by Orange SA and/or Microsoft and/or its service providers.

This data is processed to enable the use of these services, and is also necessary for the proper functioning, supervision, security and support of users. The use of these services is the subject of statistical studies.

For any questions relating to their personal data in the context of the provisioning of IT and communication tools, the User employed by the Orange group should consult the documentation made available to them on the usual communication spaces of their entity. For invited users (guest mode), they can contact their regular Orange contact person who will send them the contact details of the person dedicated in the countries to deal with any request on personal data. Regarding the data processed by Microsoft and/or its service providers, the User is invited to refer to Microsoft's privacy policy and/or its service providers.