Y'Africa Season 2 in Bostwana

Our audiovisual TV show «Y'Africa» promotes African culture in all its forms. Bostwana showcases its artists.




Tsholo Dikobe

“Fashion is meant to express, not impress.” This is the mantra of Tsholo Dikobe, one half of the style duo GaTsh Fros, comprised of herself and her best friend and partner Gaone Mothibi. The name of their brand, with its eclectic, glamorous style, is a combination of their last names and a nod to their beloved afro hairstyle. In 2014, the two young women received the Innovative Designer of the Year award at Africa Fashion Week London, and their style column in Botswana’s The Voice newspaper helped bring international attention to emerging Tswana fashion talent.



Pantsula Dancers

Pantsula culture, originating in the townships, combines dance, music, fashion, and community identity. This culture is expressed through dance companies from working-class neighborhoods that perform in parades and battles. The groups respect very specific dress codes, and their steps and choreography are inspired by everyday life. “It’s about glorifying even the smallest mundane daily gesture. Hailing a cab is an impulse. Playing dice is movement. Checking the police, collecting a bet, making a getaway… Everything is a pretense for exploring the beauty of the gesture.”






Botswana is the only African country whose vibrant, dynamic heavy metal scene is recognized and respected by metalheads worldwide. Skinflint, founded in 2006 by singer and guitarist Giuseppe Sbrana, is one of the genre’s most representative Tswana bands and a pioneer of African heavy metal. Associating elements of African spirituality and mythology to dark, post-apocalyptic riffs, Skinflint has several albums to its credit and has toured as far as Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.