Y'Africa Season 2 in Guinea-Bissau

Our audiovisual magazine TV «Y'Africa» promotes African culture in all its forms. Guinea-Bissau presents its artists.




Cotche T

Danhianin Afonso Té, alias Cotche T, born in 1990 in Guinea-Bissau, is a composer and dancer. But above all, he is a rapper, as hip-hop is the most popular musical genre among Guinean youth. He studied urban dance in Senegal and Guinea-Conakry, where he acquired his essential “street credibility”, then returned to his country in 2015. His talent was revealed in front of the mike, where his fast-paced, incisive flow mixing Kriol, French, and English, quickly attracted the attention of the public and producers. Since then, he has developed projects with Bissilon Sound, the most important Bissau music label, and has collaborated with one artist after the other.



KP Hitty

Quintino Antero Sá, aka KP Hitty, is a hip-hop artist from the "nova geração" (new generation) movement, the first wave of rap in Guinea-Bissau. He began his career in 2009 and made a name for himself with his socially conscious lyrics, set to dark beats expressing the disillusionment of Guinean youth facing poverty, drugs, and delinquency. Like many fellow Bissau rappers, he has taken on the role of spokesperson for the voiceless in the face of a ruthless system.