Y'Africa Season 2 in Liberia

Our audiovisual TV show «Y'Africa» promotes African culture in all its forms. Liberia showcases its artists.




Liberian Surfers

The civil war and Ebola have transformed Liberia. But as one local surfer from the town of Robertsport said, “We can’t control our past, but the future is ours.” The Liberia Project, initiated by the incredible team of Apartial, an Irish-based non-governmental organization, has taken an original route by asking leading international street art artists to donate works that the Liberian Surfers of Robertsport have recreated in the ruins of the civil war. This artistic initiative is a way to exorcise the ghosts of the past.



MC Caro

Born Caroline Moore, MC Caro, 25, has quickly become one of the most emblematic representatives of Hipco, the Liberian version of hip-hop. Very politically committed, her incisive lyrics speak out for the poor, and she openly denounces her country’s corrupt elite. She is an unusual personality who isn’t easily intimidated. Very overweight, she makes fun of herself, as seen in the video “I Like Ay” which features her stuffing herself with food. Since her early successes in 2018, MC Caro has skyrocketed on the Liberian scene and is preparing an international tour in the US.