Y'Africa Season 2 in Morocco

Our audiovisual TV show «Y'Africa» promotes African culture in all its forms. Morocco showcases its artists.




Imane Djamil

Imane Djamil was born in Morocco in 1996. She is a poet and photographer who lives and works in Casablanca. Her visual and literary works explore the tenuous border between reality and the sublime in what she calls her “mental geographies”. Contingent, inter-cultural worlds intermingle through her own narrative construction, creating new topographies. A nomad at heart, Imane finds refuge in her visual, literary, and performative work, poetically inhabiting ephemeral spaces.


Amine K

Amine K, a young Moroccan DJ, has made a name for himself in the US. Acclaimed by critics, he has found his place in the sun among the masters of the genre. Primarily a sound hunter, he is always on the lookout for new sounds, producing highly original sets that mix colors and cultures. He is the initiator of the Moroko Loko collective, created in 2010. This original and very successful concept for musical evenings in Morocco has since been emulated by many. In seven years, the “Loko” has become a national phenomenon that spread to other countries thanks to its promoter’s flamboyant personality. As the star DJ of the Amnesia Club in Rabat, Amine K is one of the most promising Moroccan DJs of his generation.





Mohamed Arejdal

Mohamed Aredjal, born in 1984, lives and works in Marrakech. His passion for drawing and sculpture led him to begin exhibiting his amateur work at 17. After dropping out of school, he attempted an unsuccessful clandestine crossing to the Canary Islands. After being sent back to Morocco, he resumed his studies, then embraced an artistic career. He developed a polymorphous body of work that explores the territories of his native southern Morocco. Between performance art, photography, and installations, his interest in informal, fleeting stories, chance encounters, travel, and other drifts, constitutes the pulse point of his artistic journey.