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10 golden rules for a digital brand

A digital-first brand serves all stages of the customer journey


1. Start by developing offers and services with an optimized digital customer experience.

2. Maximize the number of touchpoints to increase branded interactions.

3. Stay on top of the brand’s SEO and SEA, specifically when launching new offers and campaigns.

4. Capitalize on available first-party consumer data when developing offers and communications, for maximum ROI.

5. Track and re-target to increase cross-sell.

6. Create bold campaigns with digital as starting point and define a content strategy according the media.

7. Nurture your digital community by boosting value, making an impact, being transparent, rewarding, entertaining, posting regular but high-quality content, and monitoring closely.

8. Only use influencers in a way that enhances brand’s values.

9. Monitor the brand’s digital performance to adjust and adapt going forward.

10. Finally… dare to disrupt an all-digital ecosystem by using some analog methods to boost local relevancy.

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