Cyril, Energy & Sustainability Practice Director: “I feel like I'm developing a start-up in a large company!”

Cyril is Energy & Sustainability Practice Director. He tells us more about his work and the reasons why he chose Orange.


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portrait Cyril Hommel

Cyril, tell us about your job in a few words

My job is to design and promote digital solutions to Orange Business customers to help improve their energy and environmental performance. I would say that it involves three things: firstly, clearly defining our offers and appropriate solutions; secondly, promoting them internally so that our sales teams understand the relevance of our proposals; and finally, supporting customers throughout the sales process so they understand everything and buy from us.

Why did you choose Orange?

Since 2009, I have focused my career on energy performance issues, motivated by the potential of digital technology to optimize energy consumption. I started as an investor, then helped to develop a start-up working on AI in the field of energy and carbon data. Joining Orange Business has enabled me to go further than a start-up that only looks at one piece of the chain. I chose to work for a global integrator capable of addressing digital matters from A to Z. Having a greater impact with a larger number of customers has really been my driving force.

What makes your job attractive?

My work impacts areas that are close to my heart. A large company like Orange offers a diverse range of skills, autonomy, and the encouragement to take the initiative which make life more rewarding. I feel like I’m “developing a start-up in a large company!”

How does your role contribute to the Group’s ambitions?

Working to improve energy sobriety contributes to the Group’s ambitions to achieve Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2040. Firstly, the energy-saving digital solutions we offer our customers can be adopted internally to reduce our own consumption and therefore our CO2 emissions... For example, Orange Business deploys in-house solutions across 300 sites worldwide, including data centers, which means we’ve identified 25% of potential savings that’s good for the bottom line and the planet! Secondly, by actively promoting these issues to teams, I’m helping to raise awareness and strengthen their interest in CSR.

What are the key challenges in your job?

The biggest challenge is to get people to understand how data intelligence can lead to real savings right away. Customers sometimes feel like it’s too good to be true...

How has your job helped your self-development and what does it give you?

I’m motivated by energy and environmental performance and my job helps me to develop my personal commitments. It allows me to learn a lot about the potential of digital technologies with a positive impact. It’s an area that I’m passionate about and a passion that I want to share.