"Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets", the new Apple Vision Pro sensory experience


Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets logo


Orange presents “Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets”, a new sensory experience, available on Apple Vision Pro from July 12. Using the large possibilities offered by spatial computing, and its revolutionary technology, this application allows you to discover 5 unique secrets of Notre-Dame de Paris.


Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets, The Roses
Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets, The Bent


Come and discover, with unprecedented visual quality, the details of the Cathedral Portal. Enter the heart of its unique framework, immense like a forest, made from thousands of oak trees and rebuilt after the terrible fire of 2019. Learn the secrets behind its organ, and contemplate the magic of its stained glass windows. Finally, discover the history of its spire and the technical prowess behind its construction. 5 unique wonders in the history of Architecture and Art, celebrated by “Eternal Notre-Dame: Secrets” exclusively on Apple Vision Pro.


Discover Eternal Notre-Dame, the immersive experience at the heart of its reconstruction

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