Eternal Notre-Dame, a virtual reality video game about Notre-Dame de Paris

"Eternal Notre-Dame": the immersive experience at the heart of its reconstruction

Orange presents "Eternal Notre-Dame", the first immersive VR expedition to Notre-Dame de Paris. A new and innovative experience to keep Notre-Dame alive.

Relive the history of the cathedral thanks to virtual reality, discover inaccessible places and enter the History...

Thanks to your headset, you will be able to explore Notre-Dame de Paris through the centuries, completely recreated digitally and thus live a real emotional journey to discover the secrets of the monument, while (re)discovering the historical events and characters who have marked its history.

Projection of the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris in virtual reality

Discover "Eternal Notre-Dame"

The Orange group's commitment to Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris roof, woodwork reconstruction work

Following the fire of April 15, 2019, we, like many French and international companies, wished to actively participate in the work of rebuilding Notre-Dame de Paris.

In close collaboration with the Diocese of Paris and the public institution in charge of the conservation and restoration of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, and with the support of the City of Paris, we are offering a unique immersive virtual reality tour of this emblematic monument.

A unique 42-minutes virtual reality experience where visitors explore the cathedral through its history

Notre-Dame de Paris construction site in virtual reality
Chancel of Notre-Dame de Paris in bird's-eye view with petals
Notre-Dame de Paris chancel altar in virtual reality

The projects partners

"Eternal Notre-Dame" was built, in its scenario and its realization in virtual reality, in close collaboration with the teams of the public institution in charge of the conservation and restoration and those of the Diocese of Paris. A council of experts appointed by the two partners was mobilized on the project to ensure the architectural, historical, and artistic reliability of the experience, the verisimilitude of the evocation of the construction site and the role of the companions, but also the fidelity of the experience to the spiritual vocation of Notre-Dame de Paris.

This immersive experience is available on VIVEPORT, Meta Quest and PICO.

Eternal Notre-Dame mock-up

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