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Published on 30 October 2023, updated on 29 April 2024

So, climate activist, altruist, tech-optimist, sceptic… which one are you?

Thanks for taking a few moments to think about the type of recovery you’d like… let’s find out what it means!


You answered mostly A

Climate activist: once green, always green

For you, the Covid-19 crisis has changed very little: the pandemic should not overshadow the climate crisis. The “new world” has to be greener to survive. The planet can’t wait, although it was a little easier to breathe during the lockdown.  

You’re right; the climate emergency must remain central in any recovery plan. At Orange, we’re committed to ensuring that growth (our own and that of our customers) has the lowest possible carbon footprint. We firmly believe that for any recovery to be truly eco-friendly, it has to benefit everyone on all continents. Digital technology, along with its innovation potential, can offer solutions to these challenges.



You answered mostly B

Altruistic: humanity at heart

For you, humans are the start and end point of all strategic thinking, social concerns and economic activity – and all technological innovation. The recovery should not marginalise anyone; otherwise it risks serious human and social consequences.

We agree with you completely. Growth and development will not pick up in the same way as before the crisis. Recovery only makes sense if it benefits everyone. Inclusion is no longer just an option but a large part of the solution. Just as recovery is only viable if it respects the environment and protects the planet, digital technology can also be part of the solution if it puts people first.



You answered mostly C

Tech-optimist, tech-progressive

You believe in the power of innovation to drive progress and you’re confident in digital technologies and their role in the post-Covid world. After all, in many ways, digital technology has made it possible to better manage the crisis, from a health, social and also economic point of view.

Like you, we firmly believe that digital is a potential pillar for recovery and helpful in the response to the health, social and ecological crises we face. We believe in the potential of ICT to help people progress, and bring them together. However, these advances and innovations will only be useful if everyone can access them, they improve life for everyone and they serve to reduce our impact on the planet. Only then can technology be called a success.



You answered mostly D

Sceptic: I doubt therefore I am

There’s no such thing as a quick fix. You look at trends with caution, even doubt. You wait to “see what happens” to get the best out of each option and compromise. Above all, you’re a realist. Especially in a post-Covid world marked by ambient uncertainty.
You are right not to want to charge full steam ahead with your head down, and instead want to test solutions before disseminating them more widely. However, at Orange, we believe we have to act now. The recovery cannot wait. For it to be successful, there’s no doubt it should still be both environmentally friendly and inclusive. Finally, we believe that digital is a big part of the solution to ending the crisis and to sustainable growth. On one condition: if it is used to help people and protect the planet.