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Published on 23 September 2020

Inclusion: how Orange is helping people with disabilities

The health crisis has led organisations and HR teams to reconsider collaborative tools so that employees can work from home. In line with our inclusion policy, we’ve paid particular attention to employees with disabilities. Here’s an overview.

For over twenty years, Orange has been promoting job opportunities and ongoing support for people with disabilities, whether visible or invisible. In line with our Group HR policy, we ensure fair and inclusive recruitment, onboarding and professional development for everyone.


Switching to teleworking during the lockdown

Lockdown measures meant nearly all of our employees had to work from home. We adapted everyone’s work tools so they could continue to do their jobs and also set up a support system that included psychological help, a hotline, adapted workstations, new equipment and occupational health. Working closely with the health services and managers, the disability integration team carried out a proactive and comprehensive duty of care to support employees known to have increased risks. 


Disability coordinators on the front line

As part of the Group’s “Mission Insertion Handicap” (MIH), disability coordinators were especially active during the crisis to ensure they understood everyone’s needs and provided dedicated support. The majority of employees with disabilities were therefore able to continue to work from home without the need for any furlough measures. 


And returning to work?

Any employee in the shielding category or not required back in the office were able to work from home until 31 August 2020, and only then return on site on a part-time basis. We paid particular attention to providing transparent masks for people with hearing difficulties so that they were not hampered when it came to lip reading or working in teams.



Disability support around the world


  • Orange Poland: the “Yes to Health” programme covers certain medical services for employees with disabilities along with parking spaces and adapted equipment (massage mats, larger PC screens etc).  
  • Orange Belgium: in 2019, Orange Belgium celebrated the 20th anniversary of its partnership with equal employment company ENTRA. Its mission is to offer stable, useful and paid jobs to people with disabilities. A total of 79 positions have been recruited so far from industrial subcontracting to home services and administrative functions.  
  • Orange Senegal: for the first time in 2019, Orange Senegal organised a dedicated tradeshow in partnership with Sonatel. The aim was to connect disabled entrepreneurs with a businesses network that could help promote their products and services. A special web platform has also been developed that lists all the organisations promoting job opportunities for people with disabilities whist serving as a showcase for these entrepreneurs.  
  • Orange Business Services Brazil: several initiatives are in force to create an inclusive workplace, from raising awareness to measures that promote work-life balance, adapting workstations to specific needs and supporting employees’ personal and professional development.