Published on 24 March 2021, updated on 22 March 2024

How to drive responsible growth?

The Orange Business Summit took place as a virtual event on 16 March 2021. More than 1,300 business customers and partners connected to interact with Orange teams.
This third edition put the spotlight on the role people and digital technology play in an inclusive and responsible business recovery.


Speakers during the Orange Business Summit highlighted that the current crisis is serving to accelerate trends. Foremost among these is digital technology and how it is an essential driver for a responsible revival of economic activity.

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Orange Business Services: integrator role for a confident recovery<<

Orange Business Services has a primary objective to enable the entire business ecosystem – corporations, large groups, SMEs and very small enterprises – to benefit from the best opportunities offered by digital tools and technology.

All companies benefit from high-performing infrastructure through Orange: France and Spain have a well-developed fiber network (47.2 million connectable households in Europe). Orange is also deploying 5G in Europe, where it has already launched in Spain, France, Luxembourg, Poland and Romania. This network reliability gives companies greater potential for growth and innovation.

Our ambition is to show you how, at Orange, we are co-building solutions with you that meet the uses of today and tomorrow. We’ll discuss how digital, which has proved essential during the health crisis, will be a major tool for economic recovery,

summarized Helmut Reisinger, CEO of Orange Business Services.

Recovery is based on a positive image of the role of businesses  

Several opinion leaders and key accounts such as Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, President of MEDEF (main French employers’ union), BNP, SIEMENS and Schneider Electric, spoke during this 3rd edition.

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux underlined that there is “recognition from fellow citizens as to the agility, speed and responsiveness of businesses.” The expectation is high!  
We want to act as a trusted partner to help these companies develop their business through digital technology. While it offers a wide range of possibilities, it also raises concerns. Some are linked to inclusion and involve wider training in advanced technologies.  
Other risks relate to data hacking. Orange is particularly involved in the field of cybersecurity through Orange Cyberdefense.




New business trends in the spotlight:

The event shared a variety of video testimonials to take stock of the major current trends around themes including:

  • Hybrid workspaces

  • Customer relations in the age of AI

  • Supply chain hyper-flexibility

  • The cloud-network-security fusion as a foundation for transformation

  • The keys to a responsible recovery




Good to know:

The Orange Business Summit platform will remain open until 15 May 2021 so to catch up on all the content produced during the event register here.



During the event, Stéphane Richard launched the manifesto “Numérique levier de la relance, Orange s’engage” ,
which promises to use Orange’s expertise to promote and support the green transition, business competitiveness and regional social cohesion.


While digital technology has proven essential during the health crisis, it will be a major tool for economic recovery, and for fairer and greener growth. In this context, Orange has published this manifesto and is committed to supporting business and regional transformation while fostering the development of a more responsible economy. This is in line with the Group’s purpose to be a trusted partner who gives everyone the keys to a responsible digital world,

said Stéphane Richard, Chairman of Orange