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Published on 04 March 2021, updated on 02 April 2024

What are the keys to a brighter future?

In light of today’s uncertainty, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine what tomorrow’s world, will look like. That’s why we’ve put together a range of content that invites us to think about a more sustainable world thanks to input from a whole range of inspirational contributors (researchers, cultural organisations, associations, start-ups, Orange employees and more). Why not start by taking this quiz to see how you feel about the future, compare your thoughts to others and find out what the experts think?



The term “new ways of working” makes you think of:

A: Less teleworking, more work/life balance.

B: Human activity replaced by robots and AI.

C: The same work as today but with more digital tools.

Would you like to find out more about future business and management methods? Here’s what our experts have to say:



Global economy vs local economy, which side are you on?

A : Global economy, to promote problem-solving between nations.

B : Local economy, to promote local jobs.

C : Both! Eat local but work at a global scale to find healthcare solutions, for example.

How do you achieve a more sustainable and fair society that promotes cooperation between governments, companies and individuals, both globally and locally? Here are some insights:




In your opinion, does digital technology provide solutions for a more resilient world?

A: Yes, because it connects people to other people and knowledge.

B: No, human problems can only be solved by humans.

C: In part, but everyone must have a say in how to ensure digital technology is used responsibly.

Digital technology offers multiple ways for people to access essential education or healthcare services, set up a business, control energy consumption and more. The following articles offer an insight into some of the best solutions that technology has to offer.