Published on 08 June 2023

Paris 2024: a technical challenge with a human touch for Orange

We’re providing the underlying technology for all the key services that will be used to run the events and coordinate the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Olivier Wicquart, Technical Director of Paris 2024 at Orange Events
portrait d'Olivier Wicquart

Throughout the 2024 Summer Olympics, Orange’s technologies and teams will be central to the smooth running of both the events and the broadcasting of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games around the world.

allconnected: from filming the events to interviewing athletes, controlling access to Olympic sites, and relaying press articles and photos, all operational services will rely on Orange’s communications platform. Within the stadiums themselves, the audio, video, results, and timing will pass through our networks for live broadcast to the event organizers and spectators around the world.

Improving network coverage and capacity across all Paris 2024 venues will be an unprecedented technological challenge. We’re collaborating with the Chief Information and Technology Officer of the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee to strengthen our mobile and fiber networks ready to connect the Olympic venues and install equipment inside permanent and temporary sites such as the Champ de Mars and Concorde. After the Games, our infrastructure (mobile antennas, power supply, fiber cables, Wi-Fi terminals, and routers) will be reused on site or transferred to other locations as needed.

How Orange’s teams are supporting Paris 2024

The adventure began more than three years ago, with applications open to all employees. Teams are now being selected, led by a Core Team of around 30 telecom and events experts. Like a team of athletes who encourage each other to complete a challenge, teamwork and trusted relationships are key. Once Paris 2024 is underway, nearly 1,000 Orange managers, technical experts and technicians will be working on it full time.

We wanted all Orange employees to take part in the adventure, whatever their role. Beyond the technology, Paris 2024 is an opportunity for our teams to contribute their wider knowledge and energy to this historic event.

Olivier Wicquart, Technical Director of Paris 2024 at Orange Events