Published on 18 January 2023

The “Eternal Notre-Dame” immersive experience: example of innovation with a positive impact

Eight months after it launched, the immersive virtual reality exhibit "Eternal Notre-Dame", produced by Orange, has been installed next to the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. From 18 January, visitors can enjoy a unique experience and example of how immersive technologies can enhance culture and heritage.


The 800-square-meter “Espace Notre-Dame” is opening its doors on the cathedral’s forecourt as a dedicated cultural space to celebrate one of the most influential monuments in Paris. Visitors to the virtual reality “Eternal Notre-Dame” exhibit will discover more about the cathedral itself as well as the key events and people throughout its history.

Developed in partnership with the public organizations responsible for the cathedral’s conservation and restoration (the Diocese of Paris, the special task force Rebâtir Notre-Dame, and the City of Paris), we’re also playing our part in the project by donating the income from the project to a fund set up for renovating and showcasing the monument.

Eternelle Notre-Dame


An enriched experience accessible to all

Firmly committed to the cathedral’s restoration, the collaboration between Orange, Emissive, and Amaclio Productions to create "Eternal Notre-Dame" shows how virtual reality can enhance how visitors experience cultural places of interest and events. Immersive technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.), enable us to visit museums virtually, watch live concerts or theatrical productions online and explore behind the scenes of historical monuments. This opens up exciting new possibilities in terms of audience entertainment and education.

The first stage of the “Eternal Notre-Dame” project enabled the exhibit to open in the Espace Grande Arche in La Défense in January 2022. Since then, more than 60,000 visitors wearing a VR headset have explored a digital replica of the cathedral. This success heralds a new era for high tech, as public demand is increasing for innovative experiences that provide access to culture in new ways. The installation of "Eternal Notre-Dame" right next to the cathedral marks the next chapter in the adventure before it is deployed internationally using the same model.



“Eternal Notre-Dame” is also available online via Meta’s VR store. Anyone with a Meta Quest VR headset can enjoy the experience at home. Finally, a 5G augmented reality experience produced by Orange and Snapchat will be launched at the end of February 2023, to promote the exhibit to new audiences who can discover the monument in a new light.


By making these positive impact and immersive technologies more popular, we’re helping to enhance the way people can access and enjoy culture, entertainment, and education.