Published on 26 January 2021

Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange announce a project on a scale unique in Europe in the field of e-health


Digital innovation and data are two essential levers in health. France, and more broadly Europe, has the necessary assets for major companies to capitalise on the innovation and agility of start-ups to co-develop digital solutions that bring value to patients and the health ecosystem.

Sanofi, Capgemini, Generali and Orange have therefore decided to join forces to create a joint company in France in the field of e-health. The aim of this project is to accelerate the development of concrete health solutions and their availability on the market for the benefit of patients, a project that is unique in Europe.

The founding partners are planning an initial investment of €24 million in this new entity.

To find out more, read the press release about the project.