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Published on 26 January 2022

VivaTech Challenges 2022: applications now open!

Every year, our VivaTech 2022 Open Innovation Challenges enable start-ups to raise their profile and find partners to help bring their ideas to market. Orange has partnered with VivaTech since it launched, and in anticipation of this year’s event in June, our Challenges will focus on two themes: data-AI, and solutions with a positive impact. Applications are open until 4 March.


Co-create a new world through “positive technology”

This sixth VivaTech will be held from 15 to 18 June with the aim of igniting positive change in business and for society. Through our ongoing presence at the show and Open Innovation Challenges, we’re seeking solutions that promote positive social and environmental change in line with our corporate purpose.

We’ve been following this holistic approach for many years through our social and environmental commitments included in our Engage 2025 strategic plan, our purpose, our powerful co-innovation and acceleration programs within Orange Fab, and our meaningful partnerships with other players within the ecosystem to build a positive future together



VivaTech Challenges: promoting innovation that’s meaningful and useful

Orange Innovation Challenges are in this respect a catalyst for inspiring innovation players and then identifying and supporting the most promising projects, as part of an open and collaborative approach.
In 2022, we have selected two themes, both with a strong social and environmental purpose in mind:  


« The Data-AI acceleration program » by Orange Fab, which is aimed at start-ups working on innovative solutions in the fields of customer experience, smart networks, operational efficiency, etc.


« Let’s make digital conscious and impactful », for start-ups focused on improving industrial processes, network/infrastructure energy efficiency, and enhancing people’s physical and cognitive abilities in everyday life and social relationships.



Applications are now open!

Applications are open from now until 4 March, and all will be assessed by a jury on 12 April. Winning projects will be announced and then promoted by Orange at the show, with selected start-ups also benefiting from acceleration by Orange Fab Lab.

As a start-up, don't hesitate



Through these two Challenges, we are once again stating our commitment to responsible innovation, because the post-crisis “New Normal” promises to hold both exciting technological opportunity, and ever deeper reflections on the uses and impacts of digital. More than ever, technology must provide ethical solutions that promote progress to benefit as many people as possible while protecting the planet.