Plusieurs personnes sont au départ d'une course avec les dossards Orange

Published on 07 February 2024

Orange and the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous: a unique and inclusive experience

Paris 2024 wants to open up the Games to everyone, a promise that resonates with our own commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion, and which is embodied in our sponsorship of the Paris 2024 Marathon Pour Tous (Mass Participation Marathon). Like the Africa Cup of Nations or our soccer initiatives across France, we encourage fans, running enthusiasts, and amateurs to take part and push their limits during the first event in Olympic history open to the general public.

An Olympic experience at your own pace in Orange colors 

On 10 August 2024, the streets of Paris will fill with the determined footsteps of 40,048 runners taking part in the Marathon Pour Tous, a unique event that transcends the boundaries of sport to become a powerful symbol of inclusion.

Whether you’re an accomplished athlete, a keen amateur, or simply looking for a new challenge, we’re offering the unique opportunity to wear one of our 5,000 Orange bibs and share the same experience as the Olympic heroes. 

The 42-kilometer course poses a physical and mental challenge for marathon hopefuls while the shorter 10-kilometer distance is a more accessible adventure for people to explore part of the route. The magic of this iconic Olympic event is also open to people with disabilities.

Both races will be held at night this summer and will follow the exact route run by the marathon greats.  

Des coureurs avec le dossard Orange sont en train de courir devant des gens

Team Orange Running: collective energy and achieving your goals

Beyond Paris 2024, Team Orange Running offers ongoing support to runners. The motto, “inspire, support, and reward” illustrates the spirit of Orange sponsorship. We help runners set goals and offer personalized advice and rewards to create a unique experience, building a running community while encouraging sportsmanship. 
Through the TeamOrangeRunning Instagram community, we support all running enthusiasts including people with disabilities to help them achieve their dream of taking part in this unique event and once-in-a-lifetime race.

Would you like to take part and run in our Orange colors? Win a bib with Team Orange Running or in our Orange stores in France.

Paris 2024 and Orange commit to gender equality

We have partnered with Paris 2024 to ensure gender equality, which will increase the visibility of female athletes, who are often underrepresented in sporting events, and also offer a new experience to the general public. By taking part in an event where equality is central, each runner helps to drive this significant change and contribute to a more equal and diverse sports community.

Christel Heydemann, portrait rond

Orange is very proud to be the official race sponsor. It symbolizes values that we hold dear: innovation, achieving your goals, above all, inclusion with a capital ‘I’.

Christel Heydemann, Chief Executive Officer of the Orange Group

As the proud Official Sponsor of this historic event, we’re continuing to chart a course towards a more open and inclusive world. The Marathon Pour Tous is much more than just a race; it’s a celebration of inclusion, diversity, and the power of sport to unite people by embracing their differences.