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Published on 04 June 2024

Rose, Paris 2024 technician: “My job enables me to enjoy unique and enriching experiences”

Rose is a technician on the competition venues of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. She tells us about her daily life and her missions.

What do you think your biggest challenges will be during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

We have a huge responsibility to demonstrate our expertise in the field of networks and communication infrastructure and we’re meeting the challenge with enthusiasm and determination.
This means building a robust and high-performance network that can meet the growing connectivity needs of athletes, spectators, media, and organizers. I’m responsible for overseeing the fiber optics on site, monitoring the fiber cables and how they’re supporting the competition venues I’m looking after.
These challenges require careful coordination and effective management. We’ve set up a rigorous organization and high-performance management tools to guarantee success. Our close collaboration with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising  Committee is also a key strategic priority.

What role do you play in the Paris 2024 preparations and organization?

Supervising the fiber optics means I’m responsible for monitoring all the developments and ensuring we’re meeting our priorities and deadlines, and that our subcontractors have the necessary access, premises, and equipment to work safely.
My expertise as a multi-service network technician also comes into play when preparing for the equipment deployment as I need to work out the distances of the cables to be deployed and label it correctly. I also carry out measurement and welding tests to guarantee the quality of the network deployed.
During the Paris 2024 Games, I’ll be overseeing after-sales service in the event of a network problem making sure our Orange services are working as they should, especially Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Finally, I’ll be helping journalists with any equipment issues.

How does your experience lend itself to events like Paris?

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are a dynamic event with rapidly changing needs. My versatile expertise helps me adapt to new requirements and solve technical problems in the field efficiently.
One of my key strengths is my considerable experience in the field of fiber optic installation, which means I understand all the stages of network deployment and maintenance, from laying cables to installing equipment at the competition sites.

After Paris 2024, what will you take away from this experience?

Taking part in such a prestigious event is a source of pride and personal accomplishment, and I’ll remember this unique and unforgettable experience forever. I’ll carry with me the moments where we’re united by our passion for sport and the values of Paris 2024 and Olympism.
It’s also an opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world, whether they are other partners, companies, or volunteers.
The Paris 2024 Games will teach me new skills and knowledge in the field of network deployment, fiber optic technologies, and complex equipment management, which will be extremely valuable for the rest of my career. I look forward to this extraordinary adventure and to contributing to the success of this historic event.

How has your job helped your personal development?

My job enables me to enjoy unique and enriching experiences, discover new technologies, take part in prestigious events, and meet people from all over the world. All of this contributes to my personal growth and passion for technology.
On a daily basis, I’m pushed out of my comfort zone and get to explore new areas of interest. For example, I’m becoming more confident and learning to speak in public. When I was selected to present our infrastructure challenges for Paris 2024, I was able to convince and capture the audience’s attention.
I’m proud to be an ambassador for Orange and help promote technical professions to young people. I want to encourage more women to enter these professions and break gender stereotypes.

Why did you choose Orange ?

I chose Orange because it is continuing to expand internationally which gives me opportunities to grow and discover new cultures and broaden my professional horizon.
At Orange, diversity is a fundamental value. The Group is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their background, beliefs, or ability. This is an important point for me because I believe that diversity is a source of richness and innovation.