Marion, Call-out Technician: “We create a link in a very concrete way”

Marion is a Call-out Technician working on the Orange network in the Saint-Laurent-du-Var region for both households and businesses. She shares her recent assignments and reasons that led her to join Orange.



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Marion, technicienne d'intervention Orange


Marion, can you give us an overview of your job?

As a call-out technician, I work on the network and also with customers, directly in their homes or at a business premises. I am responsible for installing equipment, taking measurements or upgrading devices. I can work alone or as part of a team in the field.

Why did you join Orange? And what do you like most about your job?

It was quite unexpected. I discovered Orange and learned about the technical job opportunities. At the time I was working with children with disabilities, so I worked in a more social line of business, but there is a certain continuity in my career path: creating a link. In my job, above all I like helping people. In many situations, we go far beyond simple customer service. I also enjoy the technical challenge. The problems I have to solve are never the same from one job to the next.

How do you feel your job is appealing in the way it promotes a more egalitarian digital world?

Our daily lives are becoming more and more connected, so a connection problem can quickly become a real issue. I remember a crucial repair job during the lockdown for a mother whose son had autism. There is increased awareness that technical professions are essential for keeping in touch with family, working remotely or simply getting away from it all. During all of the various lockdowns, we have never stopped working. So many people thanked and supported us.

How does your role contribute to Orange’s commitments to a more human and connected society? Do you have concrete examples?

At the end of 2020, I was involved in the disaster recovery following Storm Alex in the Nice area. On the ground, everything seemed unreal: the landscape had changed, the whole network had to be rebuilt. There was incredible mutual aid between the technicians and the people affected. In cases like these, it goes beyond classic customer service. It’s not my role, but when the local loop runs cables via a zip line between two valleys, you can see how Orange re-establishes the link in a very concrete way.

You work in a male environment; how do you collaborate with male colleagues?

When I joined the team six years ago, some of my customers were wary of the idea that I could do the job. But there were no issues with my colleagues. At the time I was the only woman, but I was made to feel very welcome. Today there are more of us as Orange has begun technical training for women.

As a technician, what are the main challenges in your job?

After five years of working for the consumer line of business, I joined the Enterprise business a year ago. It is a very technical job and there is a lot to learn. The products are complex. The customer relationship is very ‘functional’ but from a work experience point of view, it is very stimulating.