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Published on 13 September 2019, updated on 09 November 2023

Which apps can help protect your private life?

You want to be certain that the data you’re sharing remains confidential, but how do you make sure? Here are 6 apps that can help to protect your personal data and privacy!


Mobile Connect – Unifying your passcodes

mobile connect

To avoid having so many passwords you forget them and have to reset your accounts, Mobile Connect simplifies and secures the connection to your favourite sites using an encryption solution for your SIM and mobile network. When connecting to a partner website, a window will pop up on your smartphone. You can then click ‘ok’ to enter your secret 4-digit code to access the site.

Available on iOS and Android. Mobile Connect can be used by Orange mobile subscribers with a compatible SIM card.



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Mobile Connect




Orange security suite – Protecting yourself against viruses

suite de secu

This app protects you against malicious software (malware), viruses and intrusions with features tailored to each device. From anti-virus to anti-phishing and firewalls… the app enables more secure browsing, purchases and online transactions and also allows you to locate, block or delete certain data from a mobile remotely. Available on Android.


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Orange security suite




Xooloo – Improve your parental control


This app enables parents to openly prevent their kids from accessing inappropriate content on a range of devices (mobiles, tablets, PCs and Orange TV). It is available regardless of the network used (Wi-Fi or mobile) and provides a real-time view of the time spent in each application, while empowering kids to define their own screen time.

It serves as a great conversation starter for teaching kids about digital. Available on iOS and Android in French and English.


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My Livebox – Managing screen times


This app offers Livebox subscribers a range of additional features accessible from their mobile. Simply scan the QR code on the Livebox with your smartphone to get started. You can then test your broadband speed to check it is working properly and then customise, test and optimise the WiFi network.

You can also set controls to limit screen time at home, especially to help take care of little ones. Available on iOS and Android in France and Spain.



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My Livebox




Orange Telephone – Keeping yourself safe from scams

orange tel

Orange Telephone guards against spam by detecting nuisance calls and premium rate numbers. It alerts you to an incoming telemarketing call, while its reverse directory function identifies unknown numbers.

The app also enables you to access emergency numbers in the country you’re in along with the contact details of professional services around you thanks to its business directory.

Available on iOS and Android in the following countries: France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Moldova, Poland, Rumania, Slovakia, Spain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Central African Republic, Côté d’Ivoire, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Sierra Leone.  



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Orange Téléphone




Transbox – Encrypting data sharing


The TransBox app encrypts the data you send to people by mail, chat or social networks. This data can include personal messages, documents or photos. Only the intended recipient will be able to open the message by unlocking it with a specific decryption key and they can delete it at any time. Available on iOS and Android in English, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.



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