A father and his daughter do a selfie in the mountains

Published on 13 September 2019, updated on 09 November 2023

You see tech as offering educational value

“Everything is an opportunity to learn… but it can create pressure.”


You answered mostly "triangles" at the test: "Which type of connected parent are you?"


Do you generally believe in technology and see how it can offer educational value for you… and your child?

You’re right, digital apps and experiences make it easier to learn and express your creativity. This can have a positive impact on children, but do they sometimes switch off or cut themselves off?
It is a question of balanced screen use, both in terms of time and content: be careful they’re not over-stimulated. Children are still children, with real needs when it comes to leisure time and having fun, whether that’s digital entertainment or not.

To help you find the right “edutainment” balance between real and digital experiences, Orange offers a host of information and advice, In France via the Bien vivre le digital website, in Spain via the Por un uso Love de la tecnologia website and in Romania via the Pentru Maine platform. You can also take advantage of parent support groups and workshops in Orange shops across Europe (France, Spain, Poland, Romania and Slovakia), where you can pick up some handy tips and advice.


Here are three such tips to start you off:

  • Offer alternatives to online entertainment such as sports, reading and outdoor activities.
  • Follow the appropriate screen times and content for your child’s age: even if the content is educational, a screen is still a screen.
  • Help empower your kids. Why not set up a usage contract with them when it comes to screen time, content, friends and contacts?

Bonus tip: for teens, apps such as Xooloo Digital Coach from Orange can be a great help. You can help protect young ones by setting up parental controls such as Kids Ready in Spain or Safe Starter For Your Kid in Poland.