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Here are details of our upcoming events, presentations and conferences. We meet several times a year to discuss the latest digital issues, the future of the mobile industry, new technologies, start-ups, CSR and more … Check out our financial calendar for our latest financial results and highlights too.



April 2024

Summit of impact evaluation - 18 April / 18 April 2024

From 18 April to 18 April 2024

Summit of impact evaluation

"Changing the system"

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March 2024

Tech for Future  - 28 March / 28 March 2024

From 28 March to 28 March 2024

Tech for Future

“European Tech, time to wake up?”

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February 2024

Mobile World Congress (GSMA) - 26 February / 29 February 2024

From 26 February to 29 February 2024

Mobile World Congress (GSMA)

The industry’s largest and most influential connectivity event

Christel Heydemann, Monday Feb. 26th, 10:15 – 10:35 (Opening keynote) and Monday Feb. 26th, 16:30 – 17:30 (Keynote 3)

Other speakers

Orange MEA: Aminata Kane, Director of Mobile Financial Services OMEA, Néné Satourou Maiga, CEO Botswana

Orange Ventures: Jérome Berger, Head of Group Strategy and Venture Capital

Orange Innovation: Steve Jarrett, SVP Orange Innovation Data and AI, Elisabeth Py, EVP Green Networks (TBC by GSMA)

Orange Cyberdefense: Olivier Bonnet de Paillerets

Orange Business: Pauline Cayatte, Director Strategy & Customer Value

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Full year 2023 results - 15 February / 15 February 2024

From 15 February to 15 February 2024

Full year 2023 results