Published on 11 June 2021

VivaTech 2021: 5 5G innovations you won’t want to miss

VivaTech is back from 16 to 19 June! This show is not only the first physical event to go ahead in Europe since the start of the pandemic; it’s also a must for technological innovation. As with every year, Orange proposed two start-up Challenges, the first concerning 5G, AI and data, and the second concerning responsible digital technology


#1 Iristick


Iristick designs augmented reality glasses for industry and logistics. These glasses help technicians during maintenance operations on a machine or a vehicle by connecting to a remote expert who can guide them. A camera fixed to the glasses can film and transmit the technician’s environment in real time to the expert who connects via their smartphone or PC. On the logistics side, a barcode reader, associated with a voice command, reduces data entry errors and enables quick and efficient order preparation.


#2 Uniigym


Have all the gym closures over the months compromised your Olympic form? With Uniigym, you can transform your living room or office into a group fitness class! Simply connect to the online platform developed by the start-up to find a multitude of sports classes delivered by certified coaches. Several AI tools have been deployed to provide an immersive experience. There’s even a feature to adapt the playlist to your movements and add visual elements for a unique and tailor-made session every time. The founders also incorporated somatosensory identification technology that analyzes the user’s movements to correct poor posture and thus prevent injury.


#3 Radio innovation


Millions of people around the world still lack internet access, especially in rural areas. Thanks to its “super antenna” systems designed to cover very large areas, Radio Innovation helps combat the digital divide by enabling as many people as possible to access education, health care or public services. The low-cost solutions offered by the Swedish start-up reduce the expense of deploying mobile networks by 70 to 95%. Another advantage is that Radio Innovation’s antennas run on solar and wind energy, for connectivity that is both inclusive and eco-friendly!



#4 Idiviu


IDVIU offers innovative video services for high quality immersive experiences. The start-up has developed an app that reduces coding latency to process images in less than a second, which is particularly advantageous for live event broadcasting such as a sports competition, meeting or conference. The viewer can also interact with the event’s participants. With the arrival of 5G, IDVIU has developed new ultra-low latency modules for even smoother connectivity.


#5 MetaVRse


MetaVRse aims to provide as many people as possible with access to 3D and XR (extended reality) experiences. The start-up has created a platform that can be accessed via a mobile, tablet or PC to make it easier to produce and share interactive 3D experiences. With just a few basic coding skills, it is possible to create a virtual online showroom, to present a product or give training. This type of extended reality experience can make a big difference in increasing engagement rates and real-time collaboration.