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Published on 13 March 2024, updated on 27 May 2024

OSVP: The path to accelerating start-ups making a positive impact

The Orange Social Venture Prize in Africa and the Middle East

An undeniable catalyst for progress, technological innovation can only reach its full potential if it is supported by a solid, viable business proposition that meets current and future social and environmental needs.

As well as encouraging innovation, Orange also rewards the positive entrepreneurial spirit of dynamic start-ups within the framework of its Social Venture Prize. Since 2011 this International Grand Prix competition has welcomed start-ups from 17 countries in Africa and the Middle East. It identifies, rewards, and supports business propositions that make a positive social and environmental impact.

To encourage sustainable, responsible, and inclusive development, the International Women’s Prize was introduced in 2020, promoting business ventures led by women entrepreneurs.

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17 national on the road of the OSVP

To collect and assess as many positive impact business projects as possible, national competitions have taken place every year since 2011 in our local Orange African and Middle Eastern countries.

Each country chooses its three most promising initiatives which meet the entry conditions. These automatically qualify for the International Grand Prix or International Women’s Prize.

The national selections therefore constitute the first phase of the OSVP.

International Women’s Prize highlights

As a powerful driver of economic development around the world, and major force in combatting gender inequalities, female entrepreneurship holds great promise for the future.

That’s why Orange launched the International Women’s Prize in 2020 to encourage the emergence and success of business propositions led by women or aimed at enhancing women’s lives.

Offering a €20,000-award, plus 6 to 9 months of business and technical support, this prize contributes to women’s empowerment as well as their digital and financial inclusion.

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Apply from March 18 to May 26 2024 (extended to June 2)

Candidates must:

  • Be 21 years and over
  • Present a social entrepreneurship project based on NICT (New Information and Communication Technologies)
  • The candidates must present a project that involves at least one of the 17 countries

How to apply

Competition Rules

Key stages

2024 National phase

From  March 18 to June 2
Applications are open
From May 27 to August 30
Assessment and nomination
of national candidates

Each application will be assessed according to the rules of the national competitions and up to three winners will be selected in each country.

2024 International phase

From September 2 to 26
Assessment and nomination of international candidates
End of October

The finalists will be evaluated by a grand jury of influential representatives from the African tech world, who will choose the three overall winners of the International Grand Prix. This jury will also be responsible for choosing the winner of the International Women’s Prize.

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International Grand Prix

1st prize: €25,000

2nd prize: €15,000

3rd prize: €10,000

The 10 finalists within the OSVP International Grand Prix and the winner of the International Women’s Prize will also receive 6 to 9 months of business development support.

International Women’s Prize

Winner: €20,000