Our employees are committed

One year on from the deployment of our Engage 2025 strategic plan, Orange has launched the Engagement Makers Award. This program celebrates and rewards the actions of our teams – wherever they are in the Group – in combining economic performance and a sustainable approach.


As a responsible and committed brand, Orange shows its commitment through the hard work of its employees. Through their initiatives and activities, they are not only helping to meet the challenges of the Engage 2025 strategic plan, but they are also a source of inspiration for employees, customers and society at large. 

Whether you are an employee, customer, shareholder or partner of ours, you have voted for your favorite action among our 12 final teams, divided into three categories:    


  • Committed to Net Carbon Zero
  • Committed to Solidarity
  • Committed to Digital Equality

A prize will be awarded in each of the categories by members of the Executive Committee chaired by Stéphane Richard, Orange Chairman and CEO. And as our commitment concerns all our audiences, an Employee Award and Audience Award complete the list.

Voting closed on 8 July 2021.    



Committed to Net Zero Carbon


Orange Belgium

Orange Innovation


Orange Sierra Leone




Committed to solidarity


Orange France

Orange Espagne


Orange France




Committed to digital equality



Orange France


Orange Innovation / Orange France

Orange Romania