Louis François Mendy saute une haie sur un terrian d'athlétisme au Sénégal

Published on 25 March 2024, updated on 02 May 2024

Y’Africa Season 3: the magazine showcasing African talent

To demonstrate our strong local presence in Africa and the Middle East and our commitment to promoting the continent’s prosperity, we’re highlighting African talent in all its diversity through the Orange Y’Africa magazine. First launched in 2020 and following the success of the first two seasons that showcased 63 African artists, season 3 is dedicated to the careers of athletes as they take us on a journey of discovery through their sport and country.

Discover Y’Africa Season 3

We’re continuing the Y’Africa adventure by highlighting 28 athletes from 12 different countries representing 21 sports disciplines. We went to meet these successful and determined role models, from Olympic and Paralympic champions to up and coming hopefuls across the African continent. On air from April 2024 on 15 African national channels, the series tells inspiring, moving, and exciting stories.

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Africa map for Y'Africa season 3

“To mark this Olympic year, we’re honoring the sporting prowess of the African continent. After two seasons dedicated to artists, Y’Africa is back with an exceptional series of athlete profiles, both champions and hopefuls, all focused on a single goal: to better their performance.

Through this program, launched in 2020, we want to share the dynamic spirit of the African continent with as many people as possible. As a reminder, ‘Y’Africa’ stands for ‘Africa Ya lelo’ or ‘today’s Africa’ in Lingala, a Bantu language spoken in Congo and Angola.

It’s also another way to bring the Orange brand to life by engaging in a sincere dialog with our audiences.

Enjoy watching and good luck to all the athletes!”

Anne Imbert, Orange Director of Brand, Advertising and Sponsorship

I admired the beauty, grace, agility, and power of athletes as they reach their maximum potential, I understood why motivation is nothing without discipline, and that high-level athletes have an above-average work ethic. I also saw that they accept pain, more than you and me. I understood that Olympic sport is a world unto itself. And they made me understand, all in their own way, what it meant to represent one’s country, an African country. For all these reasons, and the list goes on, the Y’Africa 3 Season is very special for me.

Dan Assayag, Program Director
coureurs kenyans vus du ciel

I don't think I’ll ever get tired of watching the beauty of Kenyan athletes in action.../... I’m only a good coach because I have great athletes

Claudio Baradelli, Kenyan marathon coach


portrait Oussama Mellouli, nageur tunisien

From my first ever open water swim, I loved the sport.../... It would be ideal to finish my career swimming the 10 km along the Seine in Paris

Oussama Mellouli, Tunisian swimmer
portrait Audrey Jeanette, judokate Camerounaise

Competition isn't difficult if you're prepared to suffer in training.

Audrey Jeannette Etoua Biock, Cameroonian judoka


Y'Africa Season 3
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Y'Africa Season 3 TV broadcast schedule

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