Published on 02 September 2020

“Y’Africa”, the TV magazine show celebrating African culture

The new TV magazine show “Y’Africa” aims to promote African culture in all its forms and we’re supporting it. Launching on 6 February 2020 in 17 African countries, this unique cultural programme highlights the experiences of 39 artists from 10 different countries.


From painters to photographers, sculptors, choreographers, fashion designers and musicians, the African arts scene is full of talented young people from a variety of backgrounds. The new “Y’Africa” show, which is a contraction of  “Africa Ya lelo” or “Africa today” in Lingala, enables you to discover this diverse range of artists through a series of portraits following their lives and passions.

Directed by Dan Assayag, this 13-episode TV series broadcast in Africa Open this document with ReadSpeaker docReaderimmerses us into the artists’ unique journey, so they acts as tour guides for their own town.



Travelling to these cities to see what’s going on, giving artists the floor, revealing their backgrounds, what a great idea! I liked telling myself that what we were doing was going to be surprising because we’re showing things we never get to see. In human terms, it offered continual learning, and artistically, it was exciting because we were able to be as free as the artists we were showcasing.

Dan Assayag, the series director




With a strong presence in Africa, we’re working to demonstrate our commitment to the continent and highlight Africa’s cultural richness.


I’m very proud of this original concept, which highlights the diversity and richness of African talent. Orange, as a responsible operator, is committed to promoting all cultures and supporting and bringing out talented artists from a vibrant African scene.

Béatrice Mandine, Executive Director Communications and Brand