Y Africa en République Démocratique du Congo photo d'artiste Merveille YaMado

Published on 20 January 2020

Y Africa Season 1 in Democratic Republic of Congo

Our new audiovisual TV show “Y’Africa” promotes African culture in all its forms. Democratic Republic of Congo showcases its artists.






"All I wanted was to translate what I was seeing and experiencing, and express it visually."

Born in Kinshasa in 1993, Gosette Lubondo was exposed to photography at a very early age through her father, a photographer by trade. At 14, she tried her hand at studio photography and exhibited for the first time in 2014. The concept of  the "imaginary journey" that she has been developing since 2016 consists in taking over abandoned spaces in order to stage and reconstruct scenes. Her photographs seek to preserve the memory of these places, but also to shed new light on their history.



"I want people to say I'm an artist."

Merveille Ya Mado is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. She is the leader of the Fabregas, Le Métis Noir and Light Music Villa Nova dancers.




Roger Landu

"Seeing beyond appearances, that's what it's all about."

Staff Benda Bilili is a Congolese orchestra composed of disabled and able-bodied musicians. In 2003, Ricky Likabu, singer and founder of Staff Benda Bilili, saw a child walking in the street, playing a satonge, a makeshift instrument he had built with a tin can, a string and a piece of wood. Impressed, Ricky decided to take the child under his wing. Roger was 13 years old at the time. Today, Roger is Staff Benda Bilili’s conductor. Benda Bilili means "look beyond appearances".