Published on 20 January 2020

Y'Africa Season 1 in Burkina Faso

Our new audiovisual TV show “Y’Africa” promotes African culture in all its forms. Burkina Faso showcases its artists.




Madame Nassara

"It's art, not decoration."

Madame Nassara is Secretary of the Pebakioga group, a collective of female artists in the Royal Court of Tiébélé in Burkina Faso. Tiébélé is a village with a unique architecture, located in the Kassena region, near the border with Ghana. Since the 16th century, all the painted, decorated houses in this open-air work of art are the fruit of a community project conceived by women. The Royal Court of Tiébélé is an exceptional testimony to Kassena tradition. In 2012, it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Patrice Balma

"I can say that in West Africa, Burkina Faso is the capital of bronze."

Patrice Balma was born in 1979 in Ouagadougou. After working as a street vendor, he began training as a bronzier in 1998 with Ali Nikiéma, a well-known artist in Burkina Faso. Since 2001, he has been in charge of a 12-person workshop at Ouagadougou’s National Arts and Crafts Center. In 2012, he opened his own gallery, Burkin'Art, where he exhibits his work.





Patrick Kabré

"Out of the improbable, an artist is born."

Patrick Kabré is a singer-songwriter from Burkina Faso. A musician at heart, he built his first guitar at the age of 12, from a hollowed piece of wood and strings. Today, his unique sound, firmly rooted in the Mossis rhythms of Burkina Faso, can be heard in his militant folk ballads, funk-rock tracks and electro beats. Patrick Kabré is very involved with refugees from Mali, children and prisoners. He founded the Association des Arts Solidaires (2AS) to promote literacy among Burkinabé children, and founded the Silmandé Workshop, dedicated to encouraging youth development through art and music.