Published on 20 January 2020

Y'Africa Season 1 in Madagascar

Our new audiovisual TV show “Y’Africa” promotes African culture in all its forms. Madagascar showcases its artists.



Chef Lalaina

"If I can do produce things that create emotion, that's a dream come true."

Chef Lalaina is the most famous chef on the Great Island. He is one of the few to have a real international track record. Despite many offers from abroad, he has always wanted to remain in Madagascar, to continue to develop traditional Malagasy fare and promote his island’s rich resources.


Idah Razafindrakoto

"Kindness is not an obstacle to charisma."

Idah Razafindrakoto is a young Malagasy graphic novel author and illustrator, living in Cameroon. She also has a passion for dance and theater. Her favorite themes? The environment, vegetal symbolism, and fiction that she develops through her paintings, notebooks and albums (Valéa la cité cosmopolite, I moved to Cameroon).




Tsanta Randriamihajasoa

"I think the musicians who inspired me are the ones who changed the history of music."

Tsanta is a young composer and multi-instrumentalist, based in Antananarivo. He made his debut in Sodiala, the family band, alongside his parents and his two younger brothers. He plays fourteen instruments, ranging from classical to traditional. His jazz and pop compositions are heavily influenced by Malagasy culture. At only 20, Tsanta has already toured internationally and played alongside some of Madagascar's greatest musicians.