Published on 20 January 2020

Y'Africa Season 1 in Tunisia

Our new audiovisual TV show “Y’Africa” promotes African culture in all its forms. Tunisia showcases its artists.




Abdelamid Bouchnak

"If I can terrify my audience with its own story, then I can terrify the whole world."

Abdelamid Bouchnak is the son of Tunisian singer Lotfi Bouchnak. He attended the School of Design Sciences and Technology in Tunis and studied film at the University of Montreal. In 2018, he directed his first feature film, Dachra, the first Tunisian horror film, which was presented at the Venice Film Festival’s closing ceremony.



"I do American flows in Arabic and mix in a little English - that's how it works."

Ala Ferchichi, better known as A.L.A., is a Tunisian rapper from the Zomra collective. Today, he is the spearhead of the Tunisian Trap scene. Each of his videos posted on YouTube generates millions of views.




Lilia Darghouth

"Today I'm inventing a kind of new writing that is very personal."

Lilia Darghouth is a Tunisian visual artist. Her automatic portraits are influenced by writing – she has the distinguishing feature of being ambidextrous and of writing in both Arabic and French, from left to right and vice-versa. Her work is also influenced by the Tunisian divinatory ritual, the subject of her thesis at the School of Advanced Social Studies in Paris.


Oumaima Manai

"My method was mostly to let go, improvise, and structure a little bit in space."

Oumaima Manai is a young, committed Tunisian dancer and choreographer. Born in 1988 in Carthage, Tunisia, she began her training at the age of seven with the National Ballet of Tunis and joined the Sybel Dance Company a few years later. She completed her training in the United States, in Belgium at Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s P.A.R.T.S. school, and then in France. Back in Tunis, she started working independently, through creations and collaborations on both sides of the Mediterranean, including the solo Nitt100Limites. When she isn’t dancing herself, she teaches dance to others.




Wissem El Abed

"I absorb everything around me, and it interests me."

Wissem El-Abed is a Tunisian visual artist. He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne in Plastic Arts and Art Sciences. The theme of emigration, meeting the other, or rather, the movement that accompanies the discovery of alterity, permeates all his work, which is composed of drawings, paintings and objects.