Published on 25 March 2024

Y'Africa Season 3 : Morocco



Photo de l'athlète Khadija El Mardi

Khadija El Mardi

"The worst pain was losing my Mom, so I’m not afraid of pain anymore."

Olympic conquest after world glory. This is certainly the goal of Khadija Mardi, a boxer born in Casablanca in 1991. The Moroccan boxer, who has already won gold on several occasions at the African Championships, is now the reigning world boxing champion in her category, having been crowned champion in New Delhi in 2023. Her determination and preparation make her a serious contender for the gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.



Maha Haddioui

"My parents took away my clubs because I was training until my hands bled.”

Born in Casablanca in 1988, Maha Haddioui is a professional golfer. The first Moroccan and Arab golfer to play on the European women's circuit, she will play her 11th season on the Ladies European Tour in 2024. A professional since 2011, she took part in her first Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. She finished last but was highly motivated by the experience. Returning to the Tokyo Games in 2020, although Maha put in a fine performance, she was still short of what was needed to win a medal. Maha is proud of her career and what it represents for young girls in her country. She will be defending Morocco's colors at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Photo de la golfeuse Maha Haddioui




Photo de l'athlète Abdelkebir Ouaddar

Abdelkebir Ouaddar

“The princess told me: You will have to suffer before you become a good rider.”

Born in 1962, Abdelkebir Ouaddar is a Moroccan show-jumping rider. His story is quite exceptional. Born into a modest family, he was playing street football in his home village when he was spotted by Princess Lalla Fatima Zohra, one of King Hassan II's sisters. She offered to raise him. Although afraid of horses, he learnt to ride at the age of 12 thanks to the Moroccan royal family. He soon reached the top level and became King Mohammed VI's personal rider, with his horse Quickly de Kreisker. He won six Moroccan national titles, and took part in the Mediterranean Games in 1997, 2005 and 2009. From 2012 onwards, he enjoyed a meteoric rise. He became the first Moroccan in history to take part in the World Equestrian Games in 2014. In 2015, Abdelkebir Ouaddar and Quickly de Kreisker were crowned the world's best horse-rider pair in show jumping by the Jumping Owners Club. In 2016, the pair won the prestigious Hermès jump. For the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he was chosen as Olympic flag-bearer for Moroccan athletes. Very popular in his country, Abdelkebir is a model of success for many young Moroccans.