Published on 25 March 2024

Y'Africa Season 3 : Algeria



Photo de deux boxer

Jugurtha Ait-bekka

"I like to dance in the ring, I play with my hands, I don't hold my guard up.”

Jugurtha Ait-Bekka is an Algerian boxer born in 1996. He has been passionate about boxing since childhood and motivated by a single idea: to participate in the Olympic Games. The Algerian boxer has already achieved promising performances in his weight category. He notably won gold in the under 67 kg category at the 2022 African Amateur Boxing Championships in Maputo, and then gold at the Mediterranean Games in Oran the same year. Jugurtha is confident of his potential and his preparation for Paris 2024.



Kaylia Nemour

"I want to make the perfect movement, to make perfection."

Kaylia Nemour's career began in France. Born in 2006, Kaylia had a passion for gymnastics from an early age. Quickly crowned French Espoir floor champion and then French Espoir bars champion in 2021, she underwent two knee operations that kept her off the mats for over eight months. Her surgeon authorized her to return to the sport, but the doctor from the French Gymnastics Federation forbade her to pursue her career.
Having dual French-Algerian nationality, Kaylia continued her efforts to join the Algerian Gymnastics Federation. In 2023, after a long wait, she was authorized to compete at the international level under the Algerian colors. This decision enabled her to take part in the African Championships and win the gold medal, as well as her place at the Paris 2024 Games. 

Photo d'une gymnaste en train de faire de la gym



Photo de deux hommes en train de courir

Djamel Sedjati

"Regardless of the race strategy, I know I'm strong in the last 200 meters."

Born in Tiaret in 1999, Djamel Sedjati is an Algerian athlete specializing in the 800m. 
He made a name for himself with his performances in 2021 after taking part in a number of competitions in his home country. A rising star in the discipline, Djamel Sedjati, already runner-up at the 2022 World Championships and gold medalist at the Mediterranean Games in Oran, is the second Algerian athlete to have qualified for Paris 2024. 
His goal is to outperform the Tokyo Games: Djamel had been infected with Covid-19 a week before his competition.